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Specifically repairing day and night cream with wonderful scent

With Cell Relaxation Factor!

  • Relaxes and egalizes the skin.[1]
  • Softens expression lines.[2]

Skin type: Ageing skin.

Package: Jar 50 ml + 2 Ampoules Liposomes d’Hyaluron (2x 5 ml)

Product code: V3701
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Item description

Directions for use

– Open ampoule by removing the cap.
– Cut off the tip of the nozzle.
– Apply a few drops on the face.
– Apply Sophisticated Cream CRF.
– Store the closed ampoule in a cool place; do not place in the sun!

For the “Sophisticated Cream CRF” and the ampoules “Liposomes d’Hyaluron” to interact effectively one should daily cleanse the skin with “Lait de la Mer Emollient” and “Lotion de la Mer Equilibrante” from Charlotte Sophie Cosmétique. As an alternative pre-treatment, you cleanse your skin using the “Méthode de Nettoyage Sophie”.
Subsequently, apply a few drops of the ampoule “Liposomes d’Hyaluron” on the face. The application of the ampoule liquid underneath the cream ensures a synergistic reaction between the individual components.
Beware! For astonishing results it’s important to use “Sophisticated Cream CRF” on a daily basis, mornings and evenings. Once the ampoules are empty, it is advised to continue using the cream.


Its effect on the skin is achieved by the use of Cell Relaxation Factor, which was developed by Bio Science Cosmetics Laboratories. The effective substance of Cell Relaxation Factor is extracted from a special variety of (green) algae or sea plant and has a typically relaxing influence on the fine muscles in the skin which define the facial expression.

When contracting these muscles reflect human emotions and as such they should be preserved. However, stress, air pollution and weather influences stimulate these muscles to contract unnecessarily. These are contractions that may result in much deeper (unwanted) lines, better known as wrinkles.

When applying the Sophisticated Cream CRF together with the ampoules “Liposomes d’Hyaluron” with its intensely moisturizing effect, a synergistic result is obtained. Meaning that the effects of the active substances mutually reinforce themselves.


Using Sophisticated Cream CRF with Cell Relaxation Factor ensures facial relaxation without unnecessary expression lines, while characteristic expressiveness is retained. It defines Sophisticated Cream CRF as a genuine anti-wrinkle cream, that allows your skin to become exquisitely smooth and soft again.

The components consist only of the finest oils and elements ensuring 100% effectiveness. It goes without saying, if Royal Class is your Style.


Shea butter is an excellent natural emollient, which renders the skin soft and smooth. It has a very good influence on dry skin, sunburnt skin, red and irritated skin. It stimulates the microcirculation, removing waste material from the skin. Is rich in natural Vitamins A, E and F.

Cell Relaxation Factor is extracted from a special (green) kind of algae or sea plant and has a specifically relaxing effect on the skin’s small muscles, which are responsible for the facial expression. Contractions of these muscles are a reflection of the human emotion and therefore need to be preserved. However, stress, air pollution and certain weather conditions also cause (unnecessary) contractions of the muscles; they lead to expression lines in the facial skin which can easily develop into much deeper (unwanted) wrinkles. The use of Cell Relaxation Factor will help the facial skin to stay relaxed without unnecessary expression lines, while remaining its characteristic expressiveness.

Cetearyl Glucoside, is an emulsifier of natural (vegetable) origin. In the skin it forms lamellar structures, which bind exactly the right amount of moisture in a natural way. Cetearyl Glucoside easily integrates with the body’s own skin lipids, that also establish lamellar structures in the skin.

Titanium Dioxide is present in nature as a mineral pigment (in “rutile” form). Reflects UV-A and UV-B radiation, as a result of its ‘white’ colour. Because this Titanium Dioxide is micronized it has no whitening effect on the complexion. It takes care of the reflection of the sun’s UV-radiation, thereby keeping the skin from immediate sunburn.This way the damaging effect of UV-radiation is opposed. The white pigment is also used in masks.

D-alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)
Stable form of D-alpha-Tocopherol: the natural variant of vitamin E: 100% natural and 100% active. This antioxidant protects the lipids of the cell membranes. It therefore counteracts the symptoms of skin ageing. It also has a positive effect on the moisture balance and microcirculation.

Hyaluronic Acid itself is a substance that is widely found in human connective tissue in the skin. This complex molecule takes care of the moisture balance because of its strong hydrating properties.

Hyaluronic acid is a body’s own polymer, frequently occurring in the skin as one of the so called “glycosaminoglycans”, also called “mucopolysaccharides”, the ground substance of connective tissue. The water binding capacity of hyaluronic acid plays a key role in connective tissue, since it determines its viscosity to a high extend. The carbohydrates from which hyaluronic acid is build are alternating N-Acetylglucosamine and D-Glucuronic acid, building a non-branched polymer together. Hyaluronic acid is a polyanion because of the carboxylate functional group of D-Glucuronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is also an important part of cartilage and estimates highly its elastic properties. Furthermore, hyaluronic acid partly determines the viscosity of synovial fluid in the joints, where it has a lubricating function, enabling the joints to move smoothly.

– Molecular Weight: because hyaluronic acid is a polymer, it has a wide range of different molecular weights from 5000 to 20 Million Dalton, which results in a range of mutually varying properties. Low molecular weight is called for example 1 Million Dalton, since the molecular weight of hyaluronic acid in the human body is 4 to 5 Million Dalton on average, while the molecular weight of hyaluronic acid in synovial fluid is 3 to 4 Million Dalton.

– Signal molecules: in the human body hyaluronic acid is broke down on purpose by enzymes, called Hyaluronidases. These breakdown products are usually oligosaccharides and sometimes function as a signal molecule for fibroblasts, that produce new collagen and elastin. When hyaluronic acid is broke down even more, e.g. in the liver, the final decomposition products are a.o. water and carbon dioxide.

– Application: in cosmetics / skin care as a powerful moisturizer upon/in the skin (the horny layer) and also in cosmetic medicine as a (sub)dermal “filler”, in which case usually a cross-linked version is used. A third application in favour of the skin is cosmetic mesotherapy, where the hyaluronic acid is transferred into the skin, 1 mm down at the dermal-epidermal junction, where it stimulates the fibroblasts’ synthesis, resulting in extra collagen and elastin for the skin. 

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