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Without any exaggeration, you can be sure that “Charlotte Sophie Cosmétique” is the most exclusive and effective skincare line you can find.

The development of the “Charlotte Sophie Cosmétique” line started 3 years ago with the desire to celebrate the 40th anniversary of this company, which started as a pharmaceutical laboratory, with the launch of the most prestigious cosmetics.

“Charlotte Sophie Cosmétique” radiates elegance and luxury, like a beautiful gift.

The most effective line, due to the exclusive ingredients such as gold, caviar and deep sea algae, with a very powerful activity yet optimal tolerance.

You will be surprised how beautiful your skin can be with these wonderfully scented creams and emulsions!

Gift for you!

To increase the feeling of luxury, with your first order you will receive a “petit bouteille pour deux ensemble” champagne from Épernay.

Special and unique production process

“Charlotte Sophie Cosmétique” is produced in its own production centre, according to pharmaceutical standards; the brand originated from a pharmaceutical company.

The production takes place with passion and craftsmanship, with in the finest and most effective skincare as an important result.

You can compare it to a chef of a starred restaurant; with the same ingredients, he or she puts something completely different on the table. If, in addition, the most exclusive ingredients are used, haute culture cosmetics in the form of “Charlotte Sophie Cosmetique” is born.