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Special rejuvenating eye emulsion

  • Caviar emulsion with relaxing neuropeptide [1]
  • Reduces signs of ageing in the eye area (and upper lip!).
  • Enriched with caviar.

Skin type: For all skin types.

Package: Airless Dispenser 50 ml

Product code: V3710
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Item description

Directions for use

In the morning and in the evening apply a thin layer around the eyes up to the eyelashes using gentle patting motions.

For even better effect of “Eye Cream Spécifique de la Mer” cleanse your skin daily with “Lait de la Mer Emollient” and “Lotion de la Mer Equilibrante” from Charlotte Sophie Cosmétique. As an alternative pre-treatment, you cleanse your skin using the “Méthode de Nettoyage Sophie”. In all cases, use one of the Charlotte Sophie Cosmétique creams at the end.

[1]  The relaxing neuropeptide reduces signs of ageing in the eye area. Caviar is rich in essential amino acids, fatty acids, unique oligo-peptides, proteins and trace elements: valuable nourishment for all skin types!

The components consist only of the finest oils and elements ensuring 100% effectiveness. It goes without saying, if Royal Class is your Style.


This Neurodipeptide stimulates the synthesis of Pro-endorfins, skin’s own neuromodulators and inhibits muscle contractions that initialize facial expression lines. This Neurodipeptide also brings well-being and comfort.

Real sturgeon caviar extract, rich in essential amino acids and fatty acids, special oligopeptides, proteins and trace elements. You simply cannot imagine a richer, more complete mixture of valuable nutrients! That’s why it is called “the Black Gold”. In nature, the caviar offers a complete start to the young sturgeon, where all necessary building blocks for cell life are generously present in this roe, such as essential amino acids, trace elements and lipid building blocks (omega-3 and omega-6). For the skin this complex of building blocks is a luxury nourishment, that creates the conditions for an optimal regeneration, both on cell level and for the repair of connective tissue structures, such as collagen and elastin.

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