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Creamy & skin youthening day and night cream with a wonderful scent

Contains real caviar!

  • Has a specially effective very strongly nourishing effect on the skin. 
  • Repairing cream, which ‘fills’ the skin effectively and creates a beautiful fresh complexion again. 
  • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.
  • With special protective UV-filter shaped like ‘pearls’ [1].


Skin type: Extremely dry, sensitive, and ageing skin.

Package: Jar 50 ml + 2 Ampoules “Concentré Botanique” (2x 5 ml)

Product code: V3706
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Item description

Directions for use

– Open ampoule by removing the cap.
– Cut off the tip of the nozzle.
– Apply a few drops on the face.
– Apply Crème Intense de la Mer.
– Store the closed ampoule in a cool place; do not place in the sun!

For the “Crème Intense de la Mer” and the ampoules “Concentré Botanique” to interact effectively one should daily cleanse the skin with “Lait de la Mer Emollient” and “Lotion de la Mer Equilibrante” from Charlotte Sophie Cosmétique. As an alternative pre-treatment, you cleanse your skin using the “Méthode de Nettoyage Sophie”.
Subsequently, apply a few drops of the ampoule “Concentré Botanique” on the face. The application of the ampoule liquid underneath the cream ensures a synergistic reaction between the individual components.
Beware! For astonishing results it’s important to use “Crème Intense de la Mer” on a daily basis, mornings and evenings. Once the ampoules are empty, it is advised to continue using the cream.

The cream is full bodied – even more so than the “Crème Élégance de la Mer” you already knew – containing an even higher concentration of caviar. The secret is the genuine caviar, which offers a natural though very luxurious complex of ingredients: essential amino acids and fatty acids, unique oligo-peptides and proteins and trace elements. When applying “Crème Intense de la Mer” together with the ampoules “Concentré Botanique”, containing Tinticosyn, the production of new collagen and elastin in the skin is stimulated. It minimizes visible signs of ageing, including fine lines and wrinkles. Tinticosyn also helps to repair the skin, returning the ageing skin’s energy levels to those of skin that is still young. By using “Crème Intense de la Mer” with the ampoules “Concentré Botanique” a synergistic effect is reached. This means the effect of the active agents is mutually strengthened.

 [1] The uv-filter in this cream is presented in ‘pearls’, which oppose skin ageing due to sun radiation, without the filter touching the skin directly. Indeed, there’s nothing better for your skin!


Real sturgeon caviar extract, rich in essential amino acids and fatty acids, special oligopeptides, proteins and trace elements. You simply cannot imagine a richer, more complete mixture of valuable nutrients! That’s why it is called “the Black Gold”. In nature, the caviar offers a complete start to the young sturgeon, where all necessary building blocks for cell life are generously present in this roe, such as essential amino acids, trace elements and lipid building blocks (omega-3 and omega-6). For the skin this complex of building blocks is a luxury nourishment, that creates the conditions for an optimal regeneration, both on cell level and for the repair of connective tissue structures, such as collagen and elastin.

Tinticosyn, which is prepared from a unique yeast extract, is responsible for the production of new collagen as well as new elastin in the skin. This strengthens the Extracellular Matrix of the skin, thereby minimalizing the visible signs of the ageing process, including fine lines and wrinkles. Furthermore, Tinticosyn also helps to repair the skin, returning the ageing skin’s energy levels to those of skin that is still young.



Ageing skin
Our body changes unavoidably when we grow older. All body cells show a similar pattern: they age slowly while time passes. Skin cells are also exposed to other external ageing factors like sunlight, pollution and extreme temperatures. The young skin’s elasticity and firmness is secured by a fine network of dermal fibres: collagen and elastin, which are produced by fibroblasts in the skin’s connective tissue. Unfortunately, these protein fibres are damaged by proteolytic enzymes, which are released by damaging environmental conditions, like sunlight and pollution. The skin’s capacity to resist this process diminishes unremittingly, especially because the metabolism slows down due to ageing, which is caused by a dwindling microcirculation in the skin. It is this microcirculation which is responsible for the supply of sufficient nutrients to the fibroblasts. Tinticosyn helps to reduce the effect of the ageing process, by stimulating the production of Collagen, Elastin and Glycosaminoglycans, i.e. the protein structures supporting the skin’s firmness, which reduce the visible signs of ageing.

By using UV-pearls in the very important protection against UV-radiation, Medex has separated the UV-filter from the other ingredients as well as from the skin itself. The UV-filter is encapsulated on a micro scale (not observable with the naked eye), where the filters are attached to a silica-structure that forms the (micro-)pearl. This ensures that the UV-filter will stay upon the surface of the skin, where the protection is most effective and also where the protection is needed most. This way the damaging UV-radiation is effectively kept away from the skin, similar to sunglasses protecting the eyes: filtering at a (short) distance, close to the eye, but not touching it!

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