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The powerful concentrate containing the ultra-strong preparation Tinticosyn®

  • Provides the skin with an extra “energy boost”
  • Stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin in the skin

Skin type: Mature skin

Package: 8 Ampullen “Concentré Botanique” à 5 ml

Product code: VC3704
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Item description

Directions for use

– Open ampoule by removing the cap.
– Cut off the tip of the nozzle.
– Apply a few drops on the face.
– Apply Crème Élégance de la Mer (or another Charlotte Sophie Cosmétique product).
– Store the closed ampoule in a cool place.

For even better effect of the ampoules “Concentré Botanique” cleanse your skin daily with “Lait de la Mer Emollient” and “Lotion de la Mer Equilibrante” from Charlotte Sophie Cosmétique. As an alternative pre-treatment, you cleanse your skin using the “Méthode de Nettoyage Sophie”. In all cases, use one of the Charlotte Sophie Cosmétique creams at the end.

You should stimulate your skin once or twice a year with an extra “energy boost”, in order to postpone the (natural) skin ageing process as long as possible. Active ingredients solved in “ampoule liquid” are the best way to do so. Therefore, an extra powerful cure with the ampoules “Concentré Botanique” during 18 days, once or twice a year, is absolutely the most optimal way of skin care. These ampoules contain the ultra-strong preparation Tinticosyn® which is responsible for the production of new collagen as well as new elastin in the skin. Furthermore, the stimulating effect of Tinticosyn® helps to restore the energy level of the ageing skin back to the level of a younger skin.


inticosyn, which is prepared from a unique yeast extract, is responsible for the production of new collagen as well as new elastin in the skin. This strengthens the Extracellular Matrix of the skin, thereby minimalizing the visible signs of the ageing process, including fine lines and wrinkles. Furthermore, Tinticosyn also helps to repair the skin, returning the ageing skin’s energy levels to those of skin that is still young.



Ageing skin
Our body changes unavoidably when we grow older. All body cells show a similar pattern: they age slowly while time passes. Skin cells are also exposed to other external ageing factors like sunlight, pollution and extreme temperatures. The young skin’s elasticity and firmness is secured by a fine network of dermal fibres: collagen and elastin, which are produced by fibroblasts in the skin’s connective tissue. Unfortunately, these protein fibres are damaged by proteolytic enzymes, which are released by damaging environmental conditions, like sunlight and pollution. The skin’s capacity to resist this process diminishes unremittingly, especially because the metabolism slows down due to ageing, which is caused by a dwindling microcirculation in the skin. It is this microcirculation which is responsible for the supply of sufficient nutrients to the fibroblasts. Tinticosyn helps to reduce the effect of the ageing process, by stimulating the production of Collagen, Elastin and Glycosaminoglycans, i.e. the protein structures supporting the skin’s firmness, which reduce the visible signs of ageing.

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